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Wittle Wadder Beer Takes The Piss Out Of Overlanders

Goldwater Brewing Co. out of Scottsdale, Arizona is brewing up comedy with its Wittle Wadder witbier, capitalizing upon a viral TikTok that mocks Toyota 4Runner homeowners who’ve fitted their SUVs with rugged trying but not often helpful ladders. This microbrewery is both about to make a ton of cash off of wannabe overlanders, or make numerous enemies out of broverlanders who are suffering from exceedingly fragile masculinity.

These ladders are helpful equipment for folk who use rooftop tents and for folk who pack items on their vans roof, however whenever you see these wittle wadders on 4Runners that don’t actually have a roof rack, you already know they’re bolting on slightly further clout.

The Wittle Wadder witbier from Goldwater Brewing Co. at the moment has a decent 3.7 out of 5 stars on Untappd, and it’s described as a wheat beer with notes of orange peel and coriander. Actually I’m stunned it’s not a classy double IPA, however that hoppy taste profile might be too intense for the broverlander crowd.

The TikTok video that began this child voice light-hearted mockery of wannabe off-roaders was initially posted by automotive photographer Motionz again in 2020, and has garnered over 3.7 million views since then. Goldwater Brewing Co. even made their very own TikTok video utilizing the unique audio to market this bwilliantly named wheat beer.

The can reads, “Climb up your Wittle Wadder to the highest of your woof within the wain, within the wiver.” My favourite contact on the can is the graphic of the rear of a Toyota 4Runner with a “pwo” badge on the rear hatch, making use of the child voice schtick to the Professional badge. Properly carried out.

The Goldwater Brewing Co. web site reveals that the Widdle Wadder witbier is on faucet at Goldwater’s Longbow Taproom in East Mesa, Arizona, and at its Crossings Taproom in South Tempe, Arizona. Contemplating that these areas in Arizona are already populated with loads of lifted truck drivers and weekend warriors wielding widdle wadders, we hope this sensible beer is an enormous hit and Goldwater Brewing can take this beer overland to different markets, too.

In all seriousness, Toyota’s 4Runner TRD Professional is an extremely succesful and dependable truck that is able to go immediately from the showroom ground to distant trails that go away lesser automobiles spinning their wheels within the 4Runner’s mud. This witbier is prone to be an important companion for beer lovers who additionally occur to like taking their brews with them on their wilderness expeditions, or for the beer drinkers who admire a very good beer with a very good identify.

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